Posted by: windchimecity | March 4, 2009

New Babies


We added yet more wildlife to our parks yesterday. Ducks! These are our new Khaki Campbell ducks. The children are excited about their arrival and they are just the cutest things to watch. Of course they are only hatchlings and need to be kept warm.

Posted by: windchimecity | February 27, 2009

Hello world!

Hello to everyone that visits my blog.  I am new at this and it is most likely obvious.  I decided to start this after many requests and much consternation and thought.  I named it Wind chime City because as I sat trying to think of a name a soft breezed went across the porch I was on and my wind chimes sang sweetly.   I love the sound of sweet wind chimes in the morning when I wake up, in the dusk of evening, outside my window at night, during a spring or winter shower, and at most any other time.  I have wind chimes all over my home every porch, each garden, back yard, outback, and anywhere else available; there you have it, Wind Chime City.


As I continue to work on this blog and write and dream and live my life I will listen to the soft sounds of the chimes, birds and children.  They all run through my garden so I also decided to put the cut away of a picture of one area of my garden we call Things with Wings.  That is one of many things I enjoy, gardening.  I also enjoy cooking, teaching, and writing among other things.  I will include this and much more within the blog eventually, but because I do enjoy so many things that require me NOT to be tied to this computer it may take awhile to set up and edit at times.